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Stuart Gibbs

Stuart Gibbs

Stuart Gibbs is an acclaimed author, known for his thrilling and action-packed series of novels for young adults. His books are intelligently written, and transport readers to new and exciting worlds through his unique storytelling style.

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Stuart Gibbs spent much of his childhood reading books and dreaming up his own stories. After graduating from Brown University, he began his career as a screenwriter and eventually found his way into writing fiction.

Stuart's first foray into YA literature was with his Spy School series, which follows the adventures of a young boy named Ben Ripley as he trains to become a spy. The popular series quickly became a fan favorite, winning critical acclaim and spawning several sequels.

His success continued with the FunJungle series which followed a young, wildlife-obsessed protagonist, and then with the Moon Base Alpha series which took readers to the outer space.

More recently, Stuart's latest series, Charlie Thorne, ventures into the world of science and technology, where an adventurous girl named Charlie uncovers secrets that could change the world. The series is thrilling, action-packed, and intelligently crafted.

Stuart Gibbs is not only an author but a self-proclaimed science nerd. He's a member of the scientific consulting group BioConsultants, where he advises on science-related plot points in various film and television projects.

Throughout his career, Stuart has been recognized for his work with numerous Best Book and Children's Choice Awards, cementing his place as one of the most talented authors in the YA literature world. He continues to be a leading voice in literature for young readers and an inspiration for aspiring writers everywhere.

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