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Susan Magee

Susan Magee

Susan Magee is a renowned author, speaker, and childbirth educator with over two decades of experience in the field of maternal health. Her passion for creating a positive and empowering pregnancy and childbirth experience for women has touched the lives of many new parents.

As the author of the widely popular book, The Pregnancy Countdown Book, Susan has impacted countless young families with her insightful knowledge and reassuring voice. Her book offers expectant mothers a unique and engaging daily countdown to their due date, complete with practical tips and advice for a smooth and healthy pregnancy.

In addition to her writing, Susan is also a highly sought-after speaker, with a reputation for delivering inspiring talks on topics ranging from maternal health and childbirth education to parenting and family dynamics. Her compelling, relatable approach connects on a personal level with her audiences and has made her a favorite at conferences, workshops, and in the media.

Susan’s dedication to improving maternity care for women extends beyond her work as an author and speaker. She is an experienced childbirth educator, with a deep understanding of the unique needs of expectant mothers and the importance of personalized care for each individual woman. Susan has helped many couples navigate the intimidating world of pregnancy and childbirth with confidence and grace, through her classes and private consultations.

Susan’s impact on the lives of new parents is immeasurable, and her work in the field of maternal health has truly made a difference. Her dedication to creating a positive, empowering pregnancy and childbirth experience for women is an inspiration to all who have had the privilege of working with her, and we are honored to have her as a valued member of our community.

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