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Walter Wangerin Jr.

Walter Wangerin Jr.

Walter Wangerin Jr. is a renowned American author and educator, whose work has impacted the lives of countless readers across the world. Born in Fort Dodge, Iowa in 1944, Wangerin grew up in a family of ministers and developed a passion for storytelling from a young age.

After studying English and philosophy at Concordia Senior College and Concordia Seminary, he served as a pastor in several Lutheran churches before turning to writing full-time. Wangerin's extensive body of work includes fiction, nonfiction, children's books, and poetry, with many of his titles winning critical acclaim and awards.

Perhaps best known for his novel "The Book of the Dun Cow," which won the National Book Award for Children's Literature, Wangerin is also known for his thoughtful meditations on faith, including "Ragman and Other Cries of Faith," "Whole Prayer: Speaking and Listening to God," and "Letters from the Land of Cancer."

Wangerin's unique ability to blend elements of his own life experiences with vivid imaginations and compelling narratives has won him fans from different backgrounds and age groups. His writing style is both literary and accessible, making his work perfect for avid readers, as well as those new to the genre.

In addition to his prolific writing, Wangerin has also served as a professor of English at Valparaiso University and Duke Divinity School, where his expertise in literature and writing has inspired countless students.

Walter Wangerin Jr.'s contributions to literature and education have left an indelible mark on readers and students alike. His passion for storytelling, combined with his deep faith, has allowed him to create work that not only entertains but also enriches the soul. His widespread influence has earned him a place among the most important voices in contemporary literature, and his work will continue to inspire readers for generations to come.

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