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William Dalrymple

William Dalrymple

William Dalrymple is a renowned writer, historian and journalist who has made an indelible mark on the literary scene with his captivating and informative works. Born in Scotland in 1965, Dalrymple has lived and worked in India for over three decades and has a deep understanding and appreciation of the country's rich history and diverse culture.

Dalrymple's writing career began in 1986 with a book on Indian art called 'The City of the Vanishing Stepwells'. He went on to publish several other books on Indian history and culture, including the acclaimed 'City of Djinns'. The latter work, published in 1993, explores the Indian capital of Delhi, with a particular focus on its vibrant past and complex present. 'City of Djinns' won several awards and was the first of many successful works by Dalrymple.

Over the years, Dalrymple has gained a reputation as a meticulous researcher and a gifted storyteller. Many of his works, including 'The Last Mughal', 'White Mughals' and 'Return of a King', have garnered critical acclaim and are considered must-reads for anyone interested in Indian history or the country's socio-political landscape. Whether he is covering the Mughal era, the British Raj or contemporary India, Dalrymple brings his trademark wit, insight and attention to detail to all his works.

Besides his writing, Dalrymple is also an accomplished broadcaster and has presented several documentaries for the BBC and Channel 4. He is a sought-after speaker and has delivered lectures at prestigious institutions such as the Royal Geographic Society and Oxford University.

Overall, William Dalrymple is a gifted writer and storyteller who has made an invaluable contribution to our understanding of Indian history and culture. His works are a testament to his passion and commitment towards preserving and celebrating the rich heritage of India.

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