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Wong Mou-Lam

Wong Mou-Lam

Wong Mou-Lam is a renowned author and translator, best known for his translation of The Diamond Sutra and The Sutra of Hui-neng. Born on March 25, 1882, in the city of Canton in southern China, his passion for Buddhist philosophy was ignited at an early age.

Wong Mou-Lam’s academic career began in Hong Kong, where he studied English literature and philosophy at Queen's College, before pursuing his Master's degree at St. Paul's College in Macau. Upon graduation, he was appointed as a teacher of English in various schools across China, Singapore, and Malaysia.

In the 1920s, Wong Mou-Lam discovered Buddhist scriptures, and his life took a transformative turn. He devoted himself to the study and translation of Buddhist texts, and his translations brought the wisdom of Buddhism to readers all over the world. Wong Mou-Lam used his command of English to help make Buddhist philosophy accessible to non-Chinese readers, and his translations are considered some of the most valuable resources on Buddhist literature.

Wong Mou-Lam's most notable works include his translations of The Diamond Sutra, The Sutra of Hui-neng, and The Surangama Sutra. His translations were praised for their clarity and accuracy, making the teachings of Buddhist philosophy accessible to a wider audience. Wong Mou-Lam's works remain some of the most widely read and respected translations of Buddhist texts.

In addition to his contributions to Buddhist philosophy, Wong Mou-Lam was also a social activist and advocate for Chinese nationalism. He was a member of the South Seas Society, which aimed at promoting Chinese culture and supporting Chinese independence. His activism and advocacy made him an influential figure in the Chinese community, and his legacy continues to inspire generations of scholars and readers.

Wong Mou-Lam passed away on October 13, 1957, but his contributions to the world of Buddhist literature continue to be celebrated today. His translations of Buddhist texts remain some of the most influential works in the field, and his legacy is a testament to his passion for philosophy, language, and culture.

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